Mother breastfeeding her baby

Breastfeeding can provide your baby with all the energy and nutrition needed for the first stages of development. It is also the perfect opportunity to bond with your child, to share skin-to-skin contact and to continue the physical connection that was forged during the nine months of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding your baby is the most natural thing in the world – after all, our ancestors did it for hundreds of thousands of years – but this does not mean that every new mum can do it with ease or that it will automatically go to plan. Many new mums need plenty of support in their breastfeeding journey.

You and your baby will both have an instinct for breastfeeding, but it is also a learned skill that takes practice. Understand this and you can take the pressure off yourself from day one; so instead of focusing on whether you are a “success” or a “failure”, you can get the support you need to help you and your baby along the breastfeeding journey.

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Breastfeeding – Everything you need to know from a friendly and authoritative source

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