Age 2 & 3

You and Your Child at 2-3 Years

The early years are so formative and so fleeting that they cannot help but rank among the most precious times of life. What a wonder it is to watch your child’s development unfold. As they reach two and three years old, their curiosity really begins to come to the fore – every day they discover more about both themselves and the world around them.

Not only are children of this age beginning to walk confidently, they are fast beginning to talk too – sometimes in surprisingly complete and sophisticated sentences. However, although your toddler is growing up fast and this will be evident to you, in many ways they are still a baby and remain entirely dependent on your love and care.

This is never more true than when your child is experiencing what is infamously known as the “terrible twos”. Emotional outbursts are common as children learn to exert their will on the world around them. They are learning to regulate their own emotions at the same time as beginning to recognise the feelings of others and it can be a challenging and confusing process. However, with steadying influences and good parental modelling, your child will develop emotionally and behaviourally as well as physically.

Everything covered

At My BabyManual we have a team of doctors, nutritionists, paediatricians and other early years specialists who, together with our researchers and writers, cover just about every imaginable topic that relates to your child’s care and development.

Our Years 2-3 section covers everything from socialisation and play to linguistic and cognitive development, weaning and nutritional needs through to potty training and choosing the right childcare for your little one. At My BabyManual, we make it our priority to provide you with all the useful parenting information you will ever need in one place.