Nutrition in Pregnancy

Staying healthy, eating right – for you and your baby

It is important to eat well and understand the health issues you face before, during, and after pregnancy. In your journey towards parenthood, you will quickly find out that there’s a lot to get to grips with and some of the old ideas about pregnancy health, such as “eating for two” are outdated.

Good pregnancy health needs lots of input and effort from you and the people around you; so, giving up poor dietary habits, choosing the most beneficial foods and understanding how some key supplements are essential for a healthy pregnancy, are things that you, your partner and indeed your whole family can get involved with.

Once you find out that you are pregnant, you will be intensively monitored during the nine months you carry your baby and your midwife will become your first port of call for all your baby/body queries. You will be able to discuss any nutrition-related concerns you may have, such as being a vegan, food allergies and intolerances, and how to gain or lose weight safely, for you and your baby.

Knowledge is key for a healthy pregnancy

If you are planning to get pregnant, the key to a healthy pregnancy starts in the weeks, months and even years leading up to this journey. So, if you are concerned that you are overweight you might benefit from understanding how obesity can affect a woman’s fertility and how a healthy balanced diet can be of benefit. Likewise,  understanding the role of supplements, such as folic acid, is also key to a healthy pregnancy.

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