Nutrition in Pregnancy

Staying healthy, eating right – for you and your baby

It is important to eat well and understand the health issues you face during pregnancy. However, you will quickly find out that there’s a lot to get to grips with and some of the old ideas about pregnancy health, such as “eating for two” are outdated. Good pregnancy health needs lots of input and effort from you and the people around you; you will be intensively monitored during the nine months you carry your baby and your midwife will become your first port of call for all your baby/body queries.

Knowledge is key for a healthy pregnancy

In the meantime, My BabyManual has compiled lots of information about pregnancy health and nutrition offering guidelines on the issues that will soon be affecting you, your partner and your baby. From the moment you decide to try for a baby, or when you spot those tell-tale lines on a pregnancy test stick, to the day you feel the grip of a full contraction as you go into labour, our guides can help you find out about all that’s happening to you, your body and your baby. My BabyManual articles cover topics including:

  • Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy
  • The importance of folic acid
  • Early pregnancy symptoms
  • Medication in pregnancy
  • Screening
  • Dating and anomaly scans
  • Oral health

And the above are just for the first trimester! So, to find out more about pregnancy health and nutrition read on – there’s plenty to explore, and you’ve got nine months to do it, why not get stuck in right now!