Days 1-7

The First Week

The first week of your baby’s life is a time of excitement and energy as you welcome the new arrival into your family, but it is also likely to be a time of tiredness and anxiety. It is a critical period not just in terms of your and your newborn’s postnatal health but also in her development and the development of the parent-child bond.

Some new parents find that with experience and support around them, they can negotiate this first week serenely and without any real challenges. However, the reality is that most parents will encounter difficulties or, at the very least, find themselves with many questions in the first seven days.

From bottle or breastfeeding to sleeping to nappy changing, there are so many issues that the parent of a newborn might confront. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, but the truth is that, with a little guidance, years of evolutionary hardwiring should be enough to ensure that your nurturing instincts get you through.

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