The amateur pregnancy detective

It is surprisingly common for blokes to know that their partners are pregnant even before they themselves have any inkling.

Of course, speculating and being right is vastly different from your partner actually taking a pregnancy test and really knowing but if you have an inkling that she might be at the early stages of pregnancy, there’s every chance you could be right.

And being “right” doesn’t make you some kind of mystical pregnancy diviner either. It’s more likely to be the case that you simply made a lucky or even irrational guess or, most probably, that you have, however unconsciously, picked up on a few of the telltale signs.

But what exactly are these signs and how do you spot them? Below we take a look at the signs that can help you become a pregnancy detective chief inspector.

The early signs of pregnancy

There are so many subtle indicators of pregnancy and there are probably vastly more that we may not yet be aware of, but the following list represents a good starting point for the amateur pregnancy investigator:

  • She complains of period pain – Perhaps your partner is confused as to why she has menstrual cramps at this point in her cycle – this could be due to implantation of the embryo taking place in the wall of her uterus.
  • She is feeling unwell – During the early stages of pregnancy it is not uncommon for women to feel they might have mild food poisoning, a stomach bug or just generalised malaise. Nausea, however, may be a sign of increased pregnancy hormones.
  • She feels tired – The seemingly inexplicable and severe feeling of tiredness is an almost universal symptom of early pregnancy
  • Breast changes – Let’s not beat about the bush for the next two – you may begin to notice previously unseen veins appearing around her breasts. Also, her breasts may begin to swell and might become more sensitive to your touch. The nipples may become much more sensitive, while the areola, the rings of colour around the nipples, may become stippled with tiny pale bumps.
  • Vulva and vagina changes – During your lovemaking you might notice that your partner’s vulva and vagina seem to be a little more engorged that usual. And, if your wife is one for leaving stray knickers scattered across the bedroom and bathroom floors, you may also notice the accumulation of vaginal discharge – this is on account of increased blood flow to the pelvic region during pregnancy.
  • She starts demanding snacks and/or additional meals – Increased appetite is often a sure sign that conception has taken place, particularly if she is now experiencing pangs for foodstuffs that don’t usually form part of the home menu.
  • She is looking a bit spotty – Does your partner seem to be revisiting teenage acne or experiencing unsightly rashes? It could be that these are an immune and hormonal response to a new pregnancy.
  • Her moods are difficult to track – The hormonal changes that take place in early pregnancy frequently result in emotional vulnerability and, sometimes, volatility. Has she not seemed quite herself? Perhaps you feel unfairly and irrationally picked on. It might be wise to avoid an argument: she could be pregnant.
  • She develops heartburn – Has your partner suddenly started reaching for the Gaviscon? Heartburn is common in pregnancy because progesterone, a major pregnancy hormone, relaxes the stomach valve that helps keeps acid from the oesophagus. A situation worsened by the expanding uterus crowding the stomach and pushing acid up into the oesophagus.
  • She seems to be weeing all the time – When women are pregnant their bodies are intensely busy creating all manner of fluids. This results in an increased need to urinate. If your partner is waking for the loo in the night or keeps using every ad break as an opportunity to pee, she may just be pregnant.
  • Headaches and backaches – Does she seem to be complaining of headaches and backaches? These are another possible sign.
  • She complains that you smell – Well, if not you then maybe the rubbish or indeed anything. Pregnant women tend to have a hyper-developed sense of smell and can be incredibly sensitive to odours.
  • She is feeling dizzy – Low blood sugar or blood pressure, both associated with some pregnancies, can cause her to feel more than a little woozy.
  • She has taken a pregnancy test and is telling you she is pregnant – C’mon mate, wake up, wake up! Can’t you hear what she is saying? See those two thick lines she is pointing at, they mean she is pregnant! Snap out of it. You’re having a baby!
Important – If you or your child are unwell you should seek medical advice from a professional – contact your GP or visit an A&E department in an emergency. While My BabyManual strives to provide dependable and trusted information on pregnancy and childcare 24/7 via our website pages, we cannot provide individual answers to specific healthcare questions.