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Pre-Pregnancy Health

Currently, almost 55% of parents in the UK plan their pregnancy (1), and if you are among them and are currently planning to get pregnant, it’s likely that you will want to take steps to ensure that you and your partner are in optimum health for your journey towards conception, pregnancy and parenthood.

Although in some cases of infertility there may be an underlying issue which, sadly, may make conception very difficult, the truth is that for most prospective mums and dads it is possible to take small steps before conception that will improve the chances of getting pregnant, reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, and will pave the way for giving birth to a healthy child at the end of it all.

Your online library of evidence-based resources

Here at My BabyManual our team of clinicians and professional writers and researchers have worked together to provide an online library of articles that cover just about every aspect of pre-pregnancy health.

From understanding the reproductive system to tracking ovulation, we cover the basics right up to the clinically important details. And from information about achieving the right amount of pre-pregnancy exercise and fitness to achieving a healthy diet and lifestyle for enhanced fertility, we are here to help you get in the best possible shape for having a baby.

And it’s not all about making sweeping, wholesale lifestyle changes – for instance, if you and your partner are both a little overweight and are occasional smokers, by quitting smoking and bringing your weight down to a healthy BMI, you may significantly increase your chances of successful baby-making. Our website is packed full of useful information that can help you achieve such marginal gains.

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My BabyManual is a resource for the entire parenting journey from the first notion that you might try for a baby to the days of potty training and choosing a nursery school.

Our content is written by healthcare professionals and a team of professional researchers and writers; together we aim to bring you a library of pre-pregnancy health articles that will cover all your questions and queries, and more.

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Important – If you or your child are unwell you should seek medical advice from a professional – contact your GP or visit an A&E department in an emergency. While My BabyManual strives to provide dependable and trusted information on pregnancy and childcare 24/7 via our website pages, we cannot provide individual answers to specific healthcare questions.