When most people think of a newborn baby’s skin they tend to think of smooth-as-silk newness and purity. However, the reality is not always picture-perfect; a newborn’s skin is very thin and easily irritated so newborn skincare is an important part of bringing up baby.

Here at My BabyManual our professional writers and researchers have worked with our team of paediatricians, dermatologists and health visitors to produce an evidence-based compendium of articles covering all the essential components of newborn skincare. This includes articles covering the following:

  • Choosing the right fabrics for your baby
  • Sun exposure and skincare
  • Bathtime and your baby
  • Soaps and shampoos and your baby
  • Moisturisers and your baby
  • Washing detergents, fabric softeners and your baby
  • Protecting your baby from nappy rash
  • Care of the hair and scalp
  • Baby massage
  • Common skin complaints and your baby

Evidence-based answers to all your baby skincare questions

When should you give your baby her first bath, how often should you do it and what soap should you use? How can you reduce the occurrence and severity of nappy rash? What is the best way to keep your baby’s skin moisturised? When is it safe to introduce suncream and what types are best for your baby? What should you do if your baby has been diagnosed with childhood atopic eczema? My BabyManual can help you to answer all these questions and more.


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